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Created a tumblr

2011-04-03 03:10:17 by beejay65

to find out more about what im doing go here. gamecs stands for game coming soon. Please click the link and read my post about it all and comment your suggestion or opinion.


2009-12-21 02:06:32 by beejay65


Shining Games

2009-11-26 05:07:52 by beejay65

Started a website shining games. Btw Elemental Attack is just about to be released... i think. shining games first game. even though i feel kinda weird saying it's a shining games game because flash armory helped me a lot with it!. and i'd like to thank skylinegodzilla for teaching me how to save. anyway i'm still with FA (flash armory) just probably not as active, as i got my own site and forums to look after now =)

just another news post

2009-06-23 07:08:38 by beejay65

stoped learning AS 3.0 awhile ago. learnt the basics then left it at that. i'll come back to it when i'm smarter :P
not working on any games ATM but i got an idea in my head for a cool RPG but i might wait intill Flash Armory:UNBOUND is finished (read my other news post to find out more). if i ever decide to make that RPG i'll realease some pics and information of the charecter i would use.
thats pritty much it for now...

hey guys

2009-05-29 03:07:21 by beejay65

hey, guys not much new.
i've been bored alot latly so i've began to learn AS 3.0. its actully a pritty cool launguage, cant wait till i get good at it. i've got no games in progress at the moment. i've got no animatation in progress. by the way i did help a little with a game called Flash Armory: Unbound. its got most of the members on FA (flasharmory) animating there charecters then sending them to i3 then he uses his programming magic and turns it into a game:) i've already sent mine to i3 but i dont think he's gotten them yet. or maybe he just didn't reply :/ anyway thats all for this post