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hey guys

2009-05-29 03:07:21 by beejay65

hey, guys not much new.
i've been bored alot latly so i've began to learn AS 3.0. its actully a pritty cool launguage, cant wait till i get good at it. i've got no games in progress at the moment. i've got no animatation in progress. by the way i did help a little with a game called Flash Armory: Unbound. its got most of the members on FA (flasharmory) animating there charecters then sending them to i3 then he uses his programming magic and turns it into a game:) i've already sent mine to i3 but i dont think he's gotten them yet. or maybe he just didn't reply :/ anyway thats all for this post


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2009-05-29 06:44:31

what's AS 3.0 again?


2009-05-29 23:20:58

AS 3.0 is flash newest and hardest programing langage